The Partnership Process

Our partnerships with law firms last for 5 years and therefore it is so important that we take the time to get to know each other first. The recruitment process takes on average three months (subject to the availability of key people at both ends) with a further 3 month training and roll out period to follow.

The process takes the following format

1. 1st Meeting

Our first meeting will give you a high level overview of the opportunity and for us to get to know you a bit better. If both parties want to take it to the next stage then and NDA will be issued and signed before next stages.

2. Meeting the RightWill delivery team

After meeting 1, you will be invited over to RightWill head office to meet with the team responsible for delivering the infrastructure into your practice.

3. Information Gathering

In order for us to establish whether RightWill would be a good fit for your business, we will issue a list of information for you to gather. This helps us to establish the size of the opportunity and he viability of our Wills, Trusts and Estates team being able to deliver. This step may also involve us meeting the key people in your business if they were not there at the initial meeting.

4. The decision

The next step would be for us to meet with the decision makers and look at the detail of the proposition for include 5 years of forecasts under the RW model compared to what you are achieving now. At this point, both the potential partner firm and the RightWill team will decide if they want to proceed in principle.

5. Financing and contracts

Once the decision to proceed has been made, draft contracts will be issued and funding options will be explained.

6. Business Planning

Once contracts are signed and deposit is paid (25% of the initial fee) then the Head of Wills, Trusts and Estates will spend time with the senior management of RightWill to start to build the first year business plan including…

  • Recruitment requirements
  • Training needs
  • Month by month target creation
  • Sales and business development plan creation
  • Acquisition target strategy creation
  • Data Cleanse plan
  • Department structure plan
  • Mapping out workflows

7. Training

Training dates are then booked once the business plan has been signed off for the current team. Initial training will require at least 3 days at RightWill head office. This is vital to induct the team into the RightWill culture, processes and gives us an opportunity to communicate the business plan to the team

8. Success

Once all agreed roll out actions have been completed the go-live date is set…then onto success!!