The Partnership Package

RightWIll is an infrastructure plugged into your business to deliver enhanced growth, profitability and capital value for your Private Client Department

Private Client (defined as Wills, Trusts and Estates) is a very different business model to other areas of practice. In order to excel in this area of law, a firm needs to have the following fundamentals in place…

  • The ability to ‘sell’ the service as Wills are generally Sold not Bought
  • The ability to be able to recruit and train outstanding candidates that can fact find a client effectively, give advice and recommendation and retain a ‘client for life’ relationship – on scale
  • The processes to be able to capture and retain important client data and use that data to enhance the firms value and reputation
  • The resource to keep in touch with every client throughout their lifetime as well as their executors and family members
  • A strategic leadership and business plan designed to understand and enhance the key numbers
  • The ability to acquire new clients without succession responsibility for the firm

RightWill recognises that the Wills and Probate model requires skill sets and resources that the everyday law firm does not have, therefore it has created this package for firms across England and Wales to plug into.

The RightWill partnership package includes the following…

  • Business planning and strategic support for Wills, Trusts and Estates
  • Recruitment and Training Academy
  • Fully regulated client contact centre to create appointments, manage Fee Earners diaries and oversee the client journey
  • Business development assistance from professionals that understand this practice area and the market place in order to secure new introducers
  • Assistance in building bespoke workflows for most efficient use of time
  • Data Cleansing and database creation and maintenance
  • Will bank acquisitions without succession in assigned territory
  • Sales processes to enhance case size, conversion rates and client experience
  • Will storage
  • Access to Probate team to handle greater instruction rate and create larger profit margins