Initial Fee – Capital Investment

The Cost of a RightWill territory is between £100,000 to £250,000. The initial investment will depend mainly on the location of the territory and the size and structure of the department at outset. The firm will need 25% of the initial fee within their own funds and the remainder can be financed by a loan. We work with reputable banks and funders that will approve funding – subject to underwriting. The Initial fee is inclusive of all costs incurred in the set up period meaning there are no bolt ons or surprises.

Ongoing Fee

RightWill charges up to 25% of pre-death turnover (pre-death defined as Wills, LPA’s and the creation of Trusts – it excludes court of protection work). This means we are as incentivised as you are to hit those growth numbers.

Return on Investment

The infrastructure that RightWill provides means that the potential for growth is limitless and will be driven by your own commitment to the project. That said, your ROI should be in the range of 5 times initial investment over the initial engagement period of the agreement.