Become a RightWill Partner

The fast track route to maximising the profitability of your Private Client department.

Rightwill is rapidly becoming the de facto benchmark standard for the management and development of Private Client operations within law practices across the UK. It is ideally suited to committed partner practices who want to drive the growth and profitability of their private client business.

The Rightwill Partner practice solution offers a fully comprehensive end to end process for the management of private client business that focuses on professional efficiency that underpins the maximisation of profit potential. It incorporates:

  • A highly professional contact centre operation to manage your ongoing relationships with clients through their journey.
  • A full, out of the bag, management process that is effectively implanted into your existing business operation.
  • Recruitment of highly professional will writing personnel, backed up by training in the required technical aspects of the role as well as the ‘Rightwill way’.
  • Ongoing business management to assist in the delivery of agreed business targets and profit growth goals.

Quite simply a Rightwill partnership offers a short cut in terms of time, resource and financial investment to an efficient, highly profitable Private Client operation within your practice.